Slugs cause unattractive trails across carpets, tiles, walls and work surfaces. They come out at night and periods of wet weather can increase slug activity.

They are not harmful to humans but they are an unpleasant and unwanted visitor to your home.

How They Get In

Slugs have no bones and so they can squeeze through very small cracks and gaps. They adhere very well to most surfaces which allows them to travel vertically and upside-down.

Older properties tend to attract more slugs as they have more cracks and crevices. This is a result of the original construction methods used to build the properties and later improvement works.

The most common entry points include the spaces around doors and holes in walls for services (e.g. wiring, drainage, waste pipes).

What Attracts Them

Slugs have a powerful sense of smell and as a result they are attracted to kitchens, pantries, plants or pet food.

How To Stop Them

There are a number of commercially available products but before we consider using these solutions we prefer to look for the possible causes.

We have found keeping slugs out of a property usually requires action to be taken by both landlord and tenant. Unfortunately, the solution is not usually a one time solution and we may have to make return visits to the property.

  • Assessment: We will work with you to find access points, where slugs are hiding during daylight and what is attracting the slugs.
  • Implement: Typical prevention measures include:
    • Filling any access points using expanding foam, mortar or silicone sealant.
    • Moving flowers and plants away from doors, windows, vents and ducts.
    • Ensure all surfaces are free of food waste.
    • Keep pet food containers out only as long as required.

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