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We will write to you in advance of any rent increase. We have provided this page to help you through the process.

If you wish to discuss your rent increase then contact us on 0161-728-5001 or use the contact page and send an email.

How the rent can be increased

Your rent can be increased with either of the following methods:

  • A new tenancy agreement is signed.
  • A section 13 notice of rent increase is issued.

When we write to you in advance of the rent increase we will inform which method we will use to increase the rent.

A new tenancy agreement is signed

We can offer you a new tenancy agreement at an increased rent. If you accept the new tenancy agreement you agree to pay the new rent in the agreement.

A section 13 notice of increase is issued

We can increase the rent by giving you a formal written notice of a rent increase called a section 13 notice. We cannot use this method more than once a year.

The section 13 notice will:

  • Give you at least 1 month's notice of the increase.
  • Tell you the start date of the new rent. This will be the first day of a period of the tenancy (e.g. if the tenancy started on the 10th day of the month the new rent will start on the 10th).
  • Give you details of your rights as a tenant.

State Benefits: Help paying the increase

State benefits for housing are paid under different rules depending upon when your tenancy started. For each set of rules there is a maximum payment that will be paid for your type of property. State benefits won't increase if the new rent is higher than the maximum. Your benefit office will be able to advise you of your entitlement.

You should report the increase in rent as a change in circumstances through either:

  • The council if you get housing benefit.
  • The online account you are provided with if you get universal credit.

Make sure you provide evidence of the rent increase (e.g. section 13 notice or the new agreement).

You can apply for a discretionary housing payment (DHP) if your housing benefit or universal credit doesn't cover your full rent. You may be able to get a grant from a charity.