Decoration By Tenants


Tenants with permission are allowed to:

  • Emulsion walls and ceilings

Tenants are not permitted to:

  • Wallpaper
  • Paint woodwork
  • Paint exterior woodwork
  • Paint exterior brickwork


All decorating and choice of colours to have written approval of landlord.

Blowtorches or heat lamps are NOT PERMITTED.

Use suitable steps or ladders for all work at height.

Dust sheets and masking tape must be used at all times to prevent overpainting/splashing/spotting of woodwork (skirtings, door frames, doors etc), fitted furniture, electric points, carpets, radiators, fixtures and fittings, windows or any other area other than permitted wall surfaces.

Working area is to be cleared during decoration works to ensure safe working.

Painting Of Walls And Ceilings

Superior decoration is achieved with careful preparation as well as skilful painting. Providing a clean surface helps create a more appealing and superior finish. Applying the paint is made a lot easier. Masking tape gives sharp edges to your painting which further improves the decoration.

A high quality finish is achieved by applying two thin even coats rather than one thick coat. Take care to brush out all paint brush and roller marks for a high quality finish.


Strip existing wall or ceiling coverings if approved and remove waste from property.

Advise landlord of any areas of blown plaster (So as it may be repaired).

Wash down all wall surfaces with sugar soap to remove staining and prepare a clean surface for painting.

Rake out all cracks in plasterwork to a V profile, fill with appropriate filler and smooth to a level finish with sandpaper.  

Seal all repaired and water stained areas with one coat of alkali resisting primer.

Apply masking tape to prevent overpainting of woodwork, fitted furniture, electric points, fixtures and fittings, windows or any other area than wall surfaces to be painted. Creating sharp and define edges to your decoration gives a far more appealing finish.

Apply Emulsion

Apply 2 thin even coats of emulsion to achieve a high quality finish. Complete each coat in the following order:

  1. Cut in all edges of wall area with a brush. Brush out all brush marks to an even finish.
  2. Paint main wall area with short pile (1/4 inch) or medium pile (3/8 inch) roller. Brush out all roller marks to an even finish.

Each coat of paint shall be allowed to dry off before the next is applied.

An interval of at least 24 hours shall be allowed between each coat of emulsion paint on wallpaper, and six hours between each coat of emulsion paint on plastered wall.