Decoration by Tenants

What you can decorate

Tenants must gain permission for decoration.

With permission tenants are allowed to decorate:

  • Emulsion walls and ceilings

A description of how the works must be completed can be found at the link below:

What you cannot decorate

We do NOT allow tenants to paint the following:

  • Internal woodwork (e.g. internal doors, skirtings, kitchen units)
  • Plumbing (e.g. radiators)
  • External woodwork (e.g. external doors, windows)
  • External brickwork
  • Form Completion

    Please complete the following form to give us further information as to the decoration you wish to complete.

    The form cannot cater for every situation, so just fill out the form as best you can.

  • Tenancy Details

  • Details of Decoration