Why Choose Us?

We know how hard it is to find the right rental property. The info below shows why e-lettings will provide you with a high quality property and give you great customer service during a long term tenancy.

David - Director

The People

  • Family - We are a family company and have worked together for over 30years.
  • Landlord - You are dealing directly with the landlords of the property.
  • Customer Focus - Its simple, if we offer great properties and customer support then we keep you happy and you stay with us for a long time.
  • Live locally - All family members are Mancunians and live locally to the properties we let out.
  • Professional - Our staff are trained every year and maintain memberships to relevant professional bodies and trade associations.
Customer Support
The Boss
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The Properties

  • High Quality - We offer high quality housing.
  • Well maintained - We keep our properties in good order.
  • Great Locations - Our properties are selected in good areas with good transport links
  • Long tenancies - It works best for us as landlords and you as tenants for you to stay as long as possible.